Just Cause 4 Making Of Series Gets First Five Episodes

The first five episodes of a Just Cause 4 Making Of series have been made available today. Avalanche Studios aims to provide Just Cause fans with key information about the game as well as covering some of the new features coming to this addition to the series.

Avalanche Studios is producing a video series titled ‘Just Cause 4 Making Of’ that’ll deliver key info and all the facts about the game’s new features “Straight from the mouths of the developers,” said Indigo Pearl in a press release. The first five videos are currently online, and they go into detail on a few areas of Just Cause 4, with more episodes planned for release in the near future.

Apex Power‘ breaks down the new Apex Engine that Avalanche has developed especially for Just Cause 4 to accommodate its destruction physics, as well as a few other new features. As part of that new engine, the game will also feature dynamic weather systems including hurricanes and sandstorms; the video ‘Force of Nature‘ takes a special look at all of this, exploring the balance between realism and fun that Avalanche had to get just right.

There’s also ‘The Grapple Hook,’ which unsurprisingly examines Rico’s iconic multi-purpose tool that became a series mainstay in Just Cause 2. In Just Cause 4, it’s going to have even more functionality, and there’s also the opportunity to customize it to a degree. Not only has the grappling hook changed, but Rico himself has, so much so that there’s a video dedicated to exploring this, ‘Redefining Rico.’ There’s also an in-depth look at the world history of Just Cause 4 called ‘The World of Soils,’ in which Avalanche explore 500 years of history to inspire the design of the terrain and the architecture.

This Just Cause 4 Making Of series originally premiered during the Just Cause E3 Blowout livestream, and now there are other episodes in the works. You can watch the first five right away, in anticipation for Just Cause 4‘s release on December 4.