Mafia III Developer Hangar 13 Confirm They are Working on a new IP

Hangar 13, the developer of Mafia III, have confirmed that they are working on a new IP. The exciting news comes from an interview, where Hangar 13’s Vice President of Development Andy Wilson confirmed that the relatively new studio is working on a brand new game.

Speaking to Fandom, Wilson confirms that the studio is working on a new IP and gives some vague hints at what it could be. “We’re working on a new IP,” Wilson said. “[While] narrative is sort of a central pillar of our studio, I think you can expect us to not necessarily be in the same genre [as Mafia III]. Maybe it will be single player, maybe it won’t…” he continued.

Wilson says, that what they are working on in something unique and states that this new IP will surprise gamers. “The project we’re working on right now is something that I think is incredibly unique, but also something that I think is going to appeal to a hell of a lot of people.”

However, Hangar 13 remained tight-lipped about any concrete details about their new game. According to Wilson, we are going to have to wait a while before their project gets announced. “It’s going to be awhile before we come back and announce anything, but when we do, I think it’s going to surprise people in a very positive way.”

Even though Hangar 13’s new IP is still early in development, Narrative Director, Bill Harms teased that their next game could have a strong and socially aware narrative like Mafia III. “Stories that are about something, that was kind of our hallmark with Mafia III and I think it will be a studio hallmark moving forward.” Harms went on to say, “[We want] to create the sense that there’s more to the world and the story and the characters than just what you directly see in the game.”

Hangar 13’s latest and only game, Mafia III released in 2016 to a mixed response. Critics praised the tone of the game, the protagonist Lincoln Clay and how the game handles sensitive subject matters. However, the repetitive gameplay loop was a big criticism of the title.

Mafia III is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.