THQ Nordic to Announce Two New Games at Gamescom Next Month

THQ Nordic has a lot coming up this year with Darksiders 3. However, the Austrian company has a few more surprises up their sleeves as they are bringing not just Darksiders 3 and Biomutant, but two unannounced games. It makes sense that they’d go out of their way to make a big show during this years Gamescom, especially since they missed out on E3.

While there truly isn’t any hint about what these new, unannounced games could be, the fun is all in the speculation. Maybe it’ll be more Nickelodeon remasters, or maybe it truly will be two brand spanking new IPs? As we said, all we’ve got right now is speculation but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that these games will be revealed during the Gamescom opening ceremony.

What we do know, however, is that these unannounced games will be joined by Generation Zero, an open-world co-op game where hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside, leaving you and your friends to figure out ways to both survive and fight back against your enemies.

The other game listed to be joining the THQ Nordic booth is Fade to Silence, where the player is sent to a world of unrelenting winter and has to fight huge monsters as well as nature itself. It is described as a survival game with moral choices, base building and the dreaded permadeath that will no doubt up the stakes for those playing.

THQ Nordic made sure not to close up without releasing a video on YouTube that shows off their line-up for the event, as well as all the other things they plan to do while Gamescom is on. Check out the action-packed video for yourselves below, then let us know what you think. Are you excited for the event, and if not then why not?