Great Games Done Slow is Raising Money for Gamers’ Mental Health

You’ve heard of Games Done Quick, now we have Great Games Done Slow. This event will be raising money for Gamers’ Mental Health in September by playing video games in a relaxed and calm way. GGDS will feature several well-known live streamers who will be helping to raise money for a wonderful cause.

Great Games Done Slow is the exact opposite of Games Done Quick. GDQ is all about speed runs whereas GGDS wants streamers and content creators to take their time. GGDS will be a seven-day fundraising event and will take place from September 15 through 21. The money is being raised for mental health charity CheckPoint, who focus on mental health and self-care. The charity bills itself as “a place made by and for people who love video games.”

A press release gave more information about the event:

“Great Games Done Slow is a 7-day fundraising event raising money for mental health charity CheckPoint. Streamers, friends and content creators from all over the world will come together to show how games can be used for positive wellbeing. Free wellbeing resources will be provided to streamers and their audiences, and will be changing lives by improving the mental health of the gaming community.
All participants are encouraged to integrate wellbeing and peaceful play into their streams. Find new ways to make a classic game meditative. Explore the most relaxing games out there. Create worlds at your own pace. And all for a wonderful cause: the mental health of gamers.
Everyone is welcome. Stream from the comfort of your living room, or come together with friends to form your own event. All we ask is that we keep streams PG, and promote positive messages.”
There are several well-known live streamers who taking part in GGDS, Alanah Pearce, BaerTaffy, Erika Ishii, ZeroDoxy and many more who are to be announced.
If you are a live streamer, content creator or someone who is passionate about raising awareness about mental health, you can form your own event as part of Great Games Done Slow. Don’t worry if you are struggling for ideas, as the Great Games Done Slow website has some ideas for you: why not put a relaxing spin on a classic game like Sonic the Hedgehog? If building is your kind of thing, why not build a village in Minecraft or Stardew Valley? Those interested in forming their own event for GGDS should click here.