Shadow of the Tomb Raider Paititi Hub Revealed

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Paititi hub has just officially been revealed through Tomb Raider’s YouTube channel. You may have guessed that Lara Croft, already a skilled and talented archeologist, is pretty good at finding things and not even the lost city is immune to her abilities. Lara discovers the city during her race against Trinity and her quest to stop the Mayan apocalypse from happening.

Paititi is the largest hub ever in a Tomb Raider game and it is home to a civilization that narrative director Jason Dosoiz describes “is untouched by modern culture.” It is also a place where Lara can explore, complete quests and discover new challenges and side missions that will not just reward the player with XP, but add important moments to the game’s narrative such as reading murals that will help your translation skills.

In the walkthrough we also the marketplace, which thrives off a barter system that allows Lara to trade with various vendors for weapons, crafting materials, outfits and a whole lot more. Another neat feature added by the Tomb Raider team is an option called ‘Voice-Over Immersion’ which allows the natives of Paititi to speak in their own language, rather than simply speaking in English. Whether this will include subtitles has not been confirmed, though we assume so.

It was also revealed that the player would have more control over how they play the game. For example, you can have puzzle difficulties set to hard mode, but exploration can be set to easy whereas combat can be set to medium. This way you’ll be able to discover what experience works best for you, which is something that we’re certain will please most fans of the series out there.

Our very own writer, Michael Leri, also had the chance of looking at Paititi during his time at E3. So if you’d like to discover more, don’t hesitate to look at his preview.

You can also watch the full walkthrough below.