God of War Final Secret Easter Egg Might Already Have Been Discovered

God of War director Cory Barlog has been teasing about a final undiscovered secret in the game for several months now. Thanks to that revelation, fans have been putting on their detective hats and searching for it furiously. Things got more interesting last weekend as Barlog confirmed that the secret could be found in Kratos’ house. In just a few short days, someone has reportedly found the God of War final secret in question.

According to Eurogamer, Reddit user u/EzioTheAssassin55 discovered runes hidden throughout the interior of Kratos’ house. These runes combine to spell out the word, “Loki.” Of course, players who have completed the game would know that Atreus’ true name is Loki. It was the name that his mother, Faye, initially wanted to give him at birth, before she and Kratos settled on a Greek name instead. Take a look at the runes below.

God of War Final Secret Loki Runes

Was this truly the game’s final secret? Sony Santa Monica concept artist Joe Kennedy seemingly confirmed it on the God of War “Secrets” Discord. However, he later explained on Reddit that he can only confirm that it is indeed an easter egg, speaking strictly as someone who worked on the concept art. He added that God of War‘s final secret could only be ultimately confirmed by Barlog himself.

As long as there remains no confirmation by Barlog, fans will keep searching for the definitive final secret in God of War. The rune spelling out “Loki” might very well be the final easter egg, but considering how polished the game is, there’s no reason not to keep exploring the beautiful world crafted by the folks at Sony Santa Monica. If players are looking for another reason to replay the game, let us happily remind you that the developer has confirmed that a New Game Plus mode will certainly be coming in the future.