Rogue Legacy Update Brings New Features for the First Time in Four Years

Four years without patches or updates usually means that support for a game has effectively ceased. But that’s not the case with Rogue Legacy. Developer Cellar Door Games just released a Rogue Legacy update for the Steam, Mac, and Linux versions of the game for the first time since 2014. It adds new attributes, lets players rebind mouse control, adjusts New Game Plus, and more. The update is not currently live on the other platforms and Cellar Door has not commented on when, or if, it is coming to those other systems.

This news came out of nowhere on the game’s long-dormant Steam page last month announcing a beta for an upcoming update. The studio released that update today with another news post containing the full patch notes.

Owners of the game on Steam can now use cloud saves to use the same save on different computers. Cellar Door was initially apprehensive about because of the buggy early version of the feature and expressed regret of not implementing it sooner. Players can also rebind the mouse buttons, as was an oft-requested feature. The Steam version also has a new achievement which gives the player the ultimate task of beating the game without dying more than 15 times. That is already an achievement/trophy in the Xbox and PlayStation iterations of the game.

The Rogue Legacy update also tweaks some features in New Game Plus. Boss remixes now only spawn on New Game Plus and stat drops now scale to your level. You can also power up your character to help defeat the difficult remixed bosses via donation boxes. Donation boxes make those arduous fights a bit more manageable but Cellar Door warns that these upgrades are incredibly expensive.

The game has also been translated into more languages (French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese) and contains a couple new inheritable traits. Prosopagnosia gives the player face blindness and clonus makes the player come down with a case of the shakes. Both are real world ailments.