Lightseekers Mobile TCG Lets You Scan Your Cards and Play Digitally

UK-based indie studio PlayFusion has announced the launch of its “ground-breaking” Lightseekers mobile game today. Lightseekers is a multi-media game experience, and this mobile game allows you to play the Lightseekers TCG online by scanning the physical cards into the game.

Lightseekers is a multi-media mega-game experience by Cambridge indie studio PlayFusion. They launched a successful Kickstarter for the project in 2016, and it included an action RPG, Lightseekers Awakening, the Lightseekers Trading Card Game, as well as action figures, all of which could interact with each other via augmented reality or serve as standalone experiences. Today, the Lightseekers TCG mobile game launched for Android and iPhone, which allows you to play the card game digitally online.

With the Lightseekers mobile TCG, you can scan your physical Lightseekers cards and use them to create decks. You can then play these decks against AI opponents for practice, or duke it out against other players online. “We’re seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds in ways that have never been done before,” said Mike Gerhard, co-founder of PlayFusion. “Lightseekers delivers on that vision and we are really proud of the continued evolution of this game.”

With this launch, PlayFusion has also announced that the Lightseekers TCG expansion, Lightseekers Kindred, will be pre-releasing at Gen Con 2018. The retail release date is August 7, and will be on sale at most hobby stores. “This is our biggest update ever,This is our biggest update ever,” said Gerhard. “I seriously can’t wait to play all the new cards in my decks. It’s been so delightful to see Lightseekers take off and our wonderful community continuing to grow and having so much fun right across the world!”

The Lightseekers mobile TCG game is available now on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You’ll be able to scan the Lightseekers Kindred cards into the game immediately, and they’ll be playable digitally before the end of August.