Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Mode Won’t Be Available at Launch (Update)

Update: An EA representative reached out to clarify that the blog post referenced in this story contained outdated information. The blog post has now been amended by EA, with the representative offering the following statement:

“Battlefield V Grand Operations is an experience that will be playable at launch and as part of Tides of War. As we are still in development of the game, things change and what we disclosed in a blog that we released at EA PLAY, when we revealed Grand Operations, has been updated to reflect that.”

Original Story: The Battlefield 5 Grand Operations mode won’t be available at launch, with EA revealing that the first-person shooter’s biggest new feature will be released after the game has gone on sale. Though no official date has been given regarding the launch of the mode, EA has stated that it will be accessible “shortly after” the game goes to retail.

The news was revealed by the upcoming game’s official site, detailing how the first Grand Operations will be released following the game’s launch. This will mean that those hoping to immediately jump into the mode on launch day will be left disappointed, though it sounds like EA isn’t planning to heavily delay its release.

Grand Operations is an upgraded version of Battlefield 1‘s Operations mode, taking players through a series of “days” that each present new maps and modes in which to battle their rival team. Each day will impact the events of the next day, with rewards being distributed to the team that performs well, and the team on the losing side being forced to cope with less ammo, fewer respawns, and other such issues with their resources.

Battlefield 5‘s Grand Operations mode launching after the game is released isn’t too much of a big deal. The mode is set to be frequently updated across its lifespan, with more Grand Operations to be released in “the months that follow.” EA is heavily pushing it as the sequel’s biggest feature, and considering the strength of Battlefield 1‘s Operations mode, it’s certainly one of the most highly anticipated additions to the FPS.

Battlefield 5 moves the action to World War II, with it featuring a brand new single-player campaign and a typically robust multiplayer offering. After its unveiling, much was made of the game’s introduction of female playable characters, leading to an unfortunate uproar among the game’s community. As a result, the game’s dedicated subreddit updated its rules to ban complaints regarding its female soldiers.

Battlefield 5 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 15th.