For Honor Season 7 Brings a New Map, Changes to Ranks

For Honor is changing. Ubisoft’s Medieval action/fighting game is entering into its seventh season online. For Honor Season 7 Storm and Fury, brings with it a solid number of notable changes. Not least, introducing a new map! Secluded Keep is coming to the game along with a host of other changes. We’ll dive into the details below, shall we?

Secluded Keep does what it says on the tin. You’ll be fighting in a keep that is secluded. A “once… personal retreat of a pious Lord surrounded by water, it is now a hight disputed outpost.” The damp, isolated fortress will be available in a good number of modes. We’ll be fighting throughout Secluded Keep in Tribute, Skirmish, Brawl, Elimination and Duel modes. If a new map isn’t enough, however, Ubisoft has confirmed that For Honor Season 7 will bring plenty of changes in other areas.

Both the Warden and Valkyrie Hero classes are receiving “major gameplay updates to improve the versatility and efficiency of their respective move sets.” Hopefully, these improvements don’t throw the game’s balance out of whack. Alongside these changes come alterations to For Honor’s online ranking system. Two new ranks are being introduced in Storm and Fury. “Master” and “Grand Master” ranks are coming to the party. These are “reserved for the fiercest warriors.” A new Ranking Leaderboard will arrive, too, to coincide with the new ranks. To top it all off, players will be able to take part in ranked Duel matches outside of tournaments. These now come into play every weekend.

If this isn’t enough, all battle outfits are now permanently reduced by 30%. For Honor Season 7 is rolling out the changes, man. We’ll get more details about Season 7 shortly. Thanks to a new Warrior’s Den livestream on August 2, 9 am PT. Interestingly, Season 7 is coming just in time for For Honor’s stint as a Game With Gold on Xbox One.

Changes are afoot, and we can’t wait to try them all out. We’ll see you on the battlefields, soldier. The For Honor Season 7 release date is August 2nd.