Demon’s Souls Copycat Created in Media Molecule’s Dreams in Just One Hour

It’s been a while since Media Molecule’s Dreams was first announced back in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting to know more about it. Thankfully Media Molecule has announced that the game will be coming out this year and so, to show off what you can do in Dreams, the studio created a level during a Twitch stream that can only be described as very Demon’s Souls.

What makes this particularly fascinating is that the level was created in just under an hour. Talk about time flying when you’re having fun. As you’ll be able to see in the Twitch video below, Media Molecule’s stream is treated very much like a Game Jam session. They give time to examine the creative tools in great detail, highlighting how versatile and creative the game’s tools are.

The end result of the stream leaves viewers with a dark, Gothic-like castle that oozes eeriness, as well as an armored character which many Demon’s Souls fans will recognize. Media Molecule even goes out of its way to create some bonafide booby-traps that we hope will remain, especially if they decide to include this Game Jam session in the game’s release.

Media Molecule’s latest stream will no doubt give players a reason to relax. While Dreams received it’s huge, official announcement in 2015 during Sony’s Press Conference, we’ve not seen much else of the game since and so has caused some to be worried about its development. Though, from the looks of the stream, perhaps worrying about Dreams development wasn’t needed after all.

While Dreams is set to release sometime on the PS4 this year, there has been no date announced for it. However, it isn’t all bad news, as a beta may be on the way soon so us fans can have our own Game Jam sessions. Though, like the full game, the beta’s release date has yet to be confirmed.