We’re Getting an IRL Fortnite (in the UK)

Ridiculously popular Battle Royale game Fortnite is getting an unlicensed real-life version. The lawsuit-rrific outdoor activity called Battle Royale is based out of Leicestershire in the UK. The “gameplay” of this event is just laser tag with various bits of theming.

The Facebook page for the impending copyright infringement states that the event will be:

“Set across 6 acres of Leicestershire finest Countryside, Laser battle through 3 massive Fortnite themed areas. Play with your mates in Solo, Duos or Squads while parents can relax in our refreshment zone. Enjoy running around outdoors this summer with your mates playing your favorite game.”

You can find the trailer for the business is really not holding back with its “inspiration”. Multiple sound effects from the game can be heard, you can spot MANY just legally distinct enough cutouts of various Fortnite iconography including the famous Llama. There are also kids doing the dance emotes!

The fact that in this video alone you can see Fortnite plastered all over, you can gather that this is just taking advantage of the game’s current popularity. There even is a gift shop for patrons to visit after their “epic” battles. I certainly hope that you could get some kind of Battle Pass to go over and over again, or it won’t be that accurate a recreation. The map for the place also has some very familiar sounding area names and fonts. They are just being blatant with it at this point. Maybe Epic Games will get involved or maybe they won’t, time will only tell if a lawsuit is incoming.

But what do you think? Would you be excited to play some IRL Fortnite with your friends in the Leicestershire fields? Or are you completely tired of the game’s hype and just want it to go away? Sound off in the comments below!