Destiny 2 PvP Buff Makes Guns More Dangerous, Faster Time to Kill Implemented

Destiny 2‘s guns have been found to do more damage within PvP. Bungie confirmed that it has implemented a Destiny 2 PvP buff that lowers the “time to kill” within the Crucible. This was initially found by Reddit user tripleWRECK who discovered this earlier this week noting that:

“600rpm auto rifles are doing 21 damage per crit instead of 17 as they do now, an increase of 24% (rounded)…This brings the 600rpm archetype to the same shots-per kill as its D1 counterpart; lowering its optimal TTK from 1.10s to 0.90s.”

Bungie then confirmed this within a weekly update blog post stating that they have made this change globally and will go into more detail in a stream another time. This was taken rather well by Destiny 2 fans as tripleWRECK also added: “If Bungie can nail a quicker TTK, implement a healthy ammo economy that keeps players on an even playing field, and lower ability cooldowns then I believe D2 Crucible has a very bright future”. You can also see other Reddit users in the post praising this change to Destiny 2, as this has been a change many have been clamoring for within the community who have been finding the PvP too strategic and less based around reaction times.

This is rather an interesting change, especially with the upcoming Forsaken expansion to the game. This could potentially be a push towards making the PvP faster which not only will excite players more, but also make the game more interesting to watch as an eSport since gameplay will be more exhilarating. This small change to the gameplay could change a lot of the PvP, but only time will tell.

But what do you think? Is PvP becoming faster something that you think was necessary for the game? Or do you think that this might change it a little too much for your liking? Sound off in the comments below!