Nintendo Switch Getting Smash Bros. GameCube Controllers

The Nintendo Switch will be getting Super Smash Bros. themed GameCube controllers. The accessories created by PDP will be designed after the popular controller that many are still touting as the best to play Smash Bros. on. There will be three designs being released: one based around Link, one around Pikachu and one on Mario. Each of these controllers will have a color scheme based around each Nintendo character and an emblem on the middle of the controller representing them.

These controllers will be connected to the Nintendo Switch through a wired cable which will have 10-foot cables to ensure “a strong connection during crucial moments and…allows plenty of room to get comfortable.” The wired controllers will also have all the buttons found on a typical Nintendo Switch controller.

The most interesting part of these controllers is that the right analog stick can be removed to allow for owners of the controller to put a classic c-stick in its place instead, thus allowing for a more accurate Super Smash Bros. Melee experience while playing the new Nintendo Switch version of the game. There is no current release date announced for these controllers, with PDP stating that fans should “Check back for official release dates.” However, it can be assumed that the controllers will be released alongside or close to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which will be coming out December 7th 2018.

This should hopefully appease Melee fans since this could be a cheaper alternative to whatever Nintendo will release officially. It is also going to be more reliable than whatever methods some modders are using currently to use GameCube controllers on the Nintendo Switch.

But what do you think? Are you interested in these GameCube style controllers? Or are these not really interesting to you at all? Sound off in the comments below!