New Pokemon Switch Games Leaked by Amazon

It looks like Amazon has leaked details about new Pokemon Nintendo Switch games. While Pokemon Let’s Go was announced recently, Nintendo stated that it was publishing a “core Pokemon RPG” for the Switch in 2019. Fans have been eagerly waiting for clues about this new title and more, and speculation has been rife.

It was anyone’s guess as to whether Nintendo would release Pokemon games apart from its anticipated flagship title. However, the Amazon leak that was discovered suggests that we could be seeing 3DS ports. Specifically, it mentions two Nintendo 3DS games in its listings.

The speculation about the leaks came to our attention after Twitter account @CrocOclock shared screenshots from those purported Amazon listings. Resetera is already positing that we could see Diamond and Pearl on the Switch, even though it seems unlikely if we’re going to get a full-fledged RPG in the next year.

It’s not hard to imagine that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon would get its turn on Nintendo’s most popular console. With a dearth of rogue-lites being released and received well on the Switch, it seems like a natural fit. Plus, it’s just enough of a spin-off to not have an adverse impact on the next big Pokemon mainstream title.

However, with no real clues to rely on from Nintendo’s side, we can only make assumptions at this point. For all we know, the Switch could be benefiting from a release of Pokemon Trozei since Pokemon Quest has kicked off rather nicely. It’s anyone’s guess as to what this is, but we can only say that we’re excited for any and all Pokemon titles that may come our way. Can someone bring back Pokemon Snap, please?