Portal 2 Co-Writer Returns to Valve

Portal 2‘s co-writer Jay Pinkerton has returned to Valve. After his departure last June, the writer has returned to the Washington based developer. He is currently listed on the company’s website as part of the “Other Experts” category of employees.

This information was found by Reddit user OWLord over the weekend on Valve’s website. Pinkerton left as part of the mass-exodus of Valve writers that occurred in 2017. Apart from Pinkerton who left in June 2017, Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek, who both helped pen Portal 2, left in February and June of last year.

Apart from Portal 2, Pinkerton helped with the production of Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2Team Fortress 2‘s ‘Meet the…’ videos as well as the Team Fortress 2 comics. That last part is what many are speculating as the reason for Pinkerton’s return as he has stated before that he would like to return to finish. However, it could also mean something else.

Valve has been rather quiet in regards to original games recently and this could mean that something is up. It is very likely that Pinkerton is only returning to finish his work on the Team Fortress 2 comics, but the fact that he is returning at all says otherwise. Could this mean we are getting a return to Valve making games again? Well, certainly it does give hope that the developer is not solely focusing only on DOTA 2, Steam and VR. However again, this is only one person returning to the company and until we get further evidence, this is purely all speculation.

But what do you think? Is Pinkerton returning to Valve meaning that we will be getting a Portal 3? Or does it not mean anything at all and he is just coming back to finish the Tem Fortress 2 comics as an “Other Expert”? Sound off in the comments below!