The Wolf Among Us 2 Screenshot Leaks Are Fake

It was announced yesterday by Telltale Games that The Wolf Among Us 2 screenshots leaks, which as you can tell from above looked spectacularly real, are in fact fake. Depending on where you stand on how Bigby Wolf looks, this news may come as a relief or a disappointment, though we have to say we’re a little sad not to see anything new to hold us over until the game releases in 2019, but at least this rumor has been laid to rest.

The Wolf Among Us’ second season was supposed to be releasing this year, however Telltale Games have delayed it until 2019 “due to a few fundamental changes at Telltale since they first announced the game last summer.” Considering that the first season of the game was released back in 2013, the news of its delay was no doubt a hit to many fans who have been waiting for it.

That said, at least Telltale Games have gone out of their way to confirm that the Bigby Wolf you’ve seen in the leaks will not be gracing our screens next year.

While it is disheartening news that there isn’t anything for The Wolf Among Us fans to scour over, it’ll at least give a chance for newcomers to play the first season for themselves so they’ll know what the fuss is all about that. Barring that, it’ll also give fans a chance to replay it for the 100th time and refresh their memories on the first season’s events.

Of course, if you’re still not satisfied then you could always read the comics Fables, which lets you dive head first into the adventures of Bigby Wolf, Snow White, Toad, and many other characters.