Numskull Destiny 2 Official Merchandise Revealed

As you can guess from above, the reveal of Numskull Destiny 2 official merchandise is nothing short of brilliant. Bungie has collaborated with Numskull before, designing more than enough merchandise for its previous game, Destiny, but that hasn’t stopped them from going one step further and producing yet another wave of Destiny 2 gear for your sci-fi collection.

According to Bungie and Numskull, the Ghost 3D keychains that you can see above are being added to the collection to celebrate the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, a highly anticipated expansion for the game which is due to release on all platforms on September 4th. This is also known as the day you may or may not pull a sickie for, depending on how dedicated you are.

As the image above shows, fans will be delighted to see up to six fan-favorite Ghost models. These are known as: Generalist Shell Ghost, Cayde-6 Ghost, Kill Tracker Ghost, Lambda Ghost, Last City Ghost, and Hunter Ghost. Not only would they be perfect additions to add to your keychain, but they would also make beautiful pieces to put on your desk as you kick butt and take names on Destiny 2.

However, keychains aren’t the only things that Numskull plans to add to their store in celebration of Forsaken. The items listed below are just a few of the wondrous goodies you’ll be able to pre-order. They are:

The Engram Candle Set:

Do you remember your very own Engrams? Well, now you can have your very own set. According to Numskull, they “created this awesome set of candles based on these iconic in-game items,” though whether you light them for an immersive gaming experience, display them as ornaments, or simply want to add to your Destiny collection is entirely up to you.

Inspired by the Encrypted, Decoherent, Legendary, and Exotic Engrams from the game, this set includes four individual colored candles.

The Cayde-6 Graphic T-shirts:

If you’re a fan of Cayde-6, you’ll know that he is one of the most popular characters in the Destiny universe due to his lightheartedness and familiarity. So, why not show your loyalty through these varied Cayde-6 t-shirts (available in the UK sizes XS to 2XL) that’ll have your friends turn green with envy?

Cayde-6 Snapbacks:

With a title like “Guardian” you’re going to want to look the most stylish person around, right? Thankfully these snapbacks will help with that, as well as protect your eyes from the Traveler’s Light and the sun. With two completely unique variations, no Destiny fan will be complete without these snapbacks.

Intrigued? Go check the offiial website out for yourselves.