Marvel Artist Wants to Draw a God of War Comic

Even months after its release, God of War has been in the hearts and minds of everyone. Particularly Marvel artist Kris Anka, who’s mentioned something that we can’t ignore: a God of War comic. Now before we all get excited, ready to strap in and head on down to the nearest internet forum, we should tell you that Anka hasn’t said there will be one available or anything of the like. No, Anka just expressed that they really would like to work on a comic for Sony’s newest hit.

Anka is well known for his work on Marvel comics like Star-Lord, X-Men and the Runaways, and has the amazing gift to make everything he draws look spectacular. He recently shared a tweet on his Twitter account that showed off a sketch of the God of War himself, Kratos, in all his glory. Check it out below and see for yourselves.

Doesn’t Kratos just look the best in Anka’s style? While nothing indicates that there will be a comic of the series to come, (not including the ones included in the digital deluxe version of the game) we can’t help but echo Anka’s sentiments at how much we’d love there to be one eventually made. Not only do we feel it would sell quite well, but it would entice new fans to try out the game if they haven’t already.

Despite the comic’s lack of existence, it’s nice to speculate what a God of War comic series could look like and what it could be about. Perhaps when a God of War sequel arrives, Anka could try their hand at convincing Santa Monica Studios to allow them to draw at least a mini-series. We’d rally behind it, that’s for sure.

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