WWE 2K19 Introduces New ‘Towers’ Challenge

Are you ready to dish some pain? You better be, because WWE 2K19 didn’t introduce this brand new ‘Towers’ challenge for nothing, now did they? In this WWE Towers mode, you’ll have a variety of opponents willing to step up into the ring to knock you down, so it’s best you prepare as best as you can. What’s more, Towers will give players the option to choose between their own character in MyPLAYER or to take on the mantle of wrestling god – aka the best of both worlds.

2K Games specified that players would have two types of Towers to play: the Gauntlet, where players will need to beat an entire string of opponents in just one session without a loss, and Steps, which lets you play at your own pace with match-to-match progression. Of course, there will still be different goals set for each Tower, such as the player needing to reach a certain score or simply making it to the end of the challenge. Which may be harder than it looks as there will be certain buffs added to you or your opponent, for variety’s sake.

Though if you’re not convinced and want to simply step into the world of a well-known wrestler’s once again, then 2K Games have your backs. Specific to the Towers challenge, ‘Legends Lore’ will also be added to highlight some memorable moments from WWE history.

But the most exciting news has to be about the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge, where players will get the opportunity to beat the ridiculously tough AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower and then, if their lucky, get picked to go watch Wrestlemania for themselves.

More information about Towers can be found at WWE 2K19’s official website, which you can find here. Let us know what you think of this new challenge in the comments below.