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Yakuza 6 PC Version Listed in Sega’s Financial Earnings Report

The Yakuza franchise is currently doing better than it ever has since the very first installment launched on the PS2 back in 2006. Case in point, the Yakuza Kiwami remakes and Yakuza 0 prequel have been so successful on the PS4 that Sega has decided to port them to the PC. The latest installment, Yakuza 6, remains a PS4 exclusive at the moment. Interestingly, the company’s most recent financial earnings report lists Yakuza 6 as a PS4 and PC game. This is surprising, considering that Sega has not officially confirmed or denied the possibility of a Yakuza 6 PC version.

Sega recently released its financial earnings report for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2019. Under the Segment Results: Entertainment Contents Business category in said document, we can see that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is listed under the subcategory 2019/3 Major Titles. The platform stated for the game lists both the PS4 and PC.

What lends further credibility to this is that all the other details and information listed are correct, which means that it couldn’t have simply been a mistake. It is the company’s official financial earnings report, after all. The game was indeed released in April 2018 for the regions outside of Japan. It would definitely be a pleasant surprise if Sega was to announced a PC version of Yakuza 6, especially with Yakuza 0 launching just yesterday. Check out our review for the PC version of Yakuza 0 here.

Last month, we reported that the Yakuza franchise could still find its way to the Xbox One. However, a Nintendo Switch version would be highly unlikely, not only due to hardware limitations, but also past failures of the franchise on similar platforms. A PC port of Yakuza 6 would certainly bolster the 800,000 to 900,000 copies already sold worldwide. Franchise creator Toshihiro Nagoshi even said that the game experienced the most successful launch of any title in the entire franchise to date.

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