Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is An Action Game According to Job Listing

Ah, the fabled Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Years ago, the game was announced to the world, looking a fair amount like Final Fantasy 15. Long has the project gestated, with it becoming increasingly likely that it won’t be hitting the PS4. We’ve been gagging to see some new content of the hotly-anticipated remake. Sadly, Square Enix hasn’t listened. To this day, we only have the original reveal to go on. Now, however, a new job listing has outed the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as an action game, rather than an RPG.

Indeed, the new Square Enix job listing is specifically looking for 3DCG designers. Square is looking for new VFX artists for the game. What’s particularly interesting about this job listing, however, is that it states the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as an action game. It also suggests that the game will be using Unreal Engine 4, as Square are looking for people who can use Unreal Engine 4’s cascade partical editor. This is used in everything from battles, backgrounds and FMVs.

As per the report on Siliconera, Square are calling the Final Fantasy 7 Remake an action game. Not an RPG, not an action-RPG. Straight up action. The job listing lists perks such as working in “a position that will carry the core of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that is being remade as an action game.” Square sees the upcoming remake “as a chance to challenge the world with a new Final Fantasy action.” While we know that the game looks to have similar combat to Final Fantasy 15, describing it as a straight action game makes it sound a little different. Will there be no RPG elements in the remake?

Despite describing Final Fantasy 7 Remake as an action game, we’re still expecting Square Enix’s ambitious remake to feature traditional RPG elements. The term action game is a catch-all in Japan. For example, Nintendo dubs Mario as an action game, rather than a platformer. Time will tell whether or not Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a straight up action title or not, but our money is on something similar to Final Fantasy 15.