H1Z1 Battle Pass Season 1 Detailed, Starts August 7 on PS4

H1Z1 has been one of the most surprisingly popular battle royale games on the PS4. Its open beta period is ending on August 7 but is introducing a new phase for the game. The H1Z1 Battle Pass Season 1 will be debuting along with the demise of the open beta and full launch. Developer Daybreak Games revealed more details about the Battle Pass in a recent blog post.

Although it is like Fortnite‘s Battle Pass, the H1Z1 Battle Pass has three tiers: free, premium, and PlayStation Plus. Free is available to everyone and, obviously, the PlayStation Plus version will automatically unlock for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Players can purchase the premium Battle Pass on the PlayStation Store for $5.49 or in the in-game Battle Pass menu. The first season of the Battle Pass will have three reward lines and 30 reward tiers and ends on October 16.

Players can level up their Battle Pass by gaining levels and completing challenges. Leveling and finishing challenges gives you Medals, which unlocks the next tier of goodies. The first tier of the Battle Pass takes takes 10 medals to unlock. Premium members can bypass tiers by buying past tiers using real money.

The game is also undergoing a currency exchange as it is swapping Skulls to Credits. It will take 50 Skulls to match one credit and the game’s items will ensure that everything stays the same price. Essentially, having smaller numbers streamlines the whole process and makes it easier to grasp. This exchange is also happening on August 7. Victory crates, which are granted for winning, will stay the same and duplicates will be turned into Credits.

The Battle Pass will launch alongside a Starter and Deluxe Launch Bundle of the game on August 7 on the PlayStation Store for an unknown price. The Deluxe Launch Bundle will include the Premium Battle Pass but the price is not currently known (although the Deluxe Founder’s Bundle is currently $49.99). The Founder’s Bundle currently on the store for the open beta will be available until September 4 and the PlayStation Plus discount will take effect from August 7 to September 4.