Microsoft Surface Go Reviews Divided by Battery Life

Since the reveal of the Microsoft Surface Go a few months back, Microsoft and the media alike talked up the device as the iPad contender the tablet market really needs. But now that the device is out into the hands of reviewers (and the US public), it’s the battery life of the device that’s causing the most confusion.

Reviews from numerous outlets and influencers have all had something different to say about the Surface Go battery. For those in the market for a new productivity device or tablet with a solid operating system, the headlines might cloud their perception of the impressive little workhorse.

Put simply, the Surface Go has a battery life of around 6-7 hours under a fairly average workload. While that may be 2 hours short of the 9-hour expectancy Microsoft outlined in the product reveal, it’s still far better than most laptops in its price range.

A Surface Go review headline from Tom’s Hardware reads “Great screen, Short Battery Life,” but clicking through reveals a review unit scoring within that 6-7 hour average found across other publications.

Tech YouTuber Dave Lee called the Surface Go battery “pretty good,” claiming the device was capable of “7 hours of battery life.” TechRadar reviewer Joe Osborne, however, simply described it as “not awful,” achieving 6 hours and 42 minutes during video playback once the device was switched from the limited Windows 10 S Mode to Windows 10 Home.

The conclusion here is that reviewers have largely differing opinions when it comes to laptop/tablet battery life. If you’re looking for something to replace an aging $300-400 laptop, you’ll likely be impressed by how long the Surface Go puts out for. If you’re going from an iPad, however, 6-7 hours of juice might be a little less than what you’re used to.

Ultrabooks may very well step into high-end tablet territory when it comes to battery life these days, but the cost they command eclipses that of the Microsoft Surface Go. It’s a solid performer with a respectable battery life. If 6-7 hours is all you need, it’s a decent performer. Meanwhile, we’re left wondering if any of the Surface Go tech will make it into the rumored twin next-gen Xbox machines.