Street Fighter 5 Adds a New Fighter and a Classic One

Street Fighter 5‘s roster just got a bit bigger. Capcom announced at Evo 2018 that G and Sagat are coming to Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition today. The pair were revealed many months ago, but this news confirms their movesets and lore. Both combatants are now available together in the Season 3 Character Pass for $29.99 or separately for 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99 each.

The more intriguing of the two, G, is a brand new character to the Street Fighter franchise. The Capcom Unity blog post for the announcement describes the self-proclaimed as “a mysterious new character who wishes to unify the world as its president.” After failed attempts at using social media to gather the world underneath his proposed rule, he gains traction after Rashid finds his videos and amplifies his message.

He uses his “Presidentiality” as a weapon by charging it up as a meter that sits next to his V-Gauge. His special moves gain more power and different effects as the Presidentiality rises, capping off at level three. However, his Presidentiality falls if he is knocked down, making it more of a strategy that is based on momentum.

You can see him in motion in the trailer below.

Not much has changed for Sagat, who has been in the Street Fighter franchise since the very first game as the final boss.  His movesets are largely the same as in prior incarnations, except slightly tweaked. Sagat mains from past titles should mostly feel at home using him in Street Fighter 5.

The blog post adds that in this game he “has become a hermit in a secluded village and must overcome his inner demons.” A reimagined version of his Street Fighter 2 stage is also coming to the game today. King’s Court, as shown in the trailer, features the comeback of the iconic reclining statue.