Halo TV Series Master Chief Role Confirmed, Will Feature “New Story”

The Halo franchise is arguably the biggest it’s been since the halcyon days of Halo 2, thanks to recent revelations that Halo Infinite and Halo TV Series are both in development. Details have been scarce for the upcoming TV series since it was originally announced at the end of June. However, new details have come to light, as Showtime executives spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association on Monday.

We all know that Master Chief is the most iconic character in the Halo franchise. As reported by /Film, Showtime President of Programming Gary Levine said that he will be the “lead character,” as well as a “key question” and an “important part” of the Halo TV Series. Despite the fact Master Chief will be showing up in the series as an important figure, it will most likely feature a different main protagonist.

Besides that, Levine also confirmed that the Halo TV Series will feature a “new story,” but the showrunners will be “incredibly respectful of the canon and working with Microsoft 343 people to be sure we don’t violate any of that.” They also hired a writer who is not familiar with “sci-fi or big battle movies” because they wanted to explore the “human drama” underneath all the high-tech Spartan armor. The reason for that is the Showtime’s hope that the Halo TV Series will appeal to both fans of Halo and the usual network drama fans.

Additionally, we have been given a rough release window for the Halo TV Series. Levine added: “It’s an enormous undertaking, so I would say probably in 2020.” That’s at least two years away, and the TV series is still very much in early development. If it does eventually release in 2020, the Halo TV Series might have to compete with another highly-anticipated video game TV series adaptation: Netflix’s The Witcher TV Series.