Square Enix Says to Expect “More Games Like Octopath Traveler”

Octopath Traveler has seen quite the success. It has been selling rather well across the world, despite being part of a relatively niche genre. In response to this, Square Enix has said in a recent earnings conference that this will mean more games like it will be possible in future.

Tech reporter for The Wall Street Journal Japanese’s office, Takashi Mochizuki, attended this conference and tweeted a few details concerning Square Enix’s thoughts on Octopath Traveler. Square Enix has found that the game has sold well over its expected forecast, especially in the United States and Europe. In addition to this, the game has had a “Higher-than-average ratio of download version versus packaged.”

Furthermore, Square Enix has attributed the success of Octopath Traveler to a few key elements. The Japanese company has said that a rising interest and appreciation of JRPGs, game design that mimics old Square Enix games, the HD-2D art style, and “attractive characters” have all led to the game’s success.

Mochizuki further added that Square Enix thinks that the Nintendo Switch is “a good platform for middle-range games.” Square Enix said it wants to make more games similar to Octopath Traveler and that it will not limit games like this just to the Nintendo Switch. Although he also stated that “Octopath is Switch exclusive, where appropriate for forthcoming ones.” While an odd quote, he’s likely explaining that they’ll assess platforms on other games where they make sense.

This is rather interesting to hear after all the teasing of a new Bravely Default game that has been happening recently. The previously 3DS-exclusive franchise fits very well into what could be considered in the style of Octopath Traveler. Both can be considered “middle-range” games that follow the game design of Square Enix’s older titles. Could this be more evidence of a Bravely Default sequel? Only time will tell what will happen.