New Comic Book Day Releases to Get Excited About

It’s New Comic Book Day! Whether that means reflecting on an old classic that you lately read for the first time, or stalking your favorite artist’s Twitter account for updates, NCBD is blowing up among fans and members of the industry alike. Mostly revolving around the latest releases, now is the time to get hyped for whatever you’ve been dying to read.

DC is coming in strong this NCBD with the first issue release of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe, with eight different covers to choose from featuring the work of eight different artists. Those that remember Gaiman’s seventy-five issue strong Sandman series of the nineties will know to expect impeccable narrative and beautiful artwork, and be happy to know that previous artists Sam Keith and Dave Mckean return to give life once again to the intricate fantasy world.

Also coming from DC is the continued saga of Red Hood and the Outlaws with issue #25 released today, and considering the state of Todd’s gear in Hairsine’s version of this issue’s cover, that costume redesign is likely coming soon!

Marvel releases the first issue of the long-awaited Fantastic Four series with an astonishing 27 different covers, bringing the classic superhero team back to the forefront. Classics fans will be pleased to learn that the publisher also released volume one of the Marvel Two in One Epic Collection, featuring the best of vintage Thing and Hulk from 1971-1974. 

Last but not least, while it may not be a comic book, another much-anticipated piece of literature comes to bookshelves today; Garrison Girl: an Attack on Titan Novel tells the original story of Rosalie Dumarque, breaking away from the affluence and comfort of her family to serve and fight in the military garrison. This wider addition to the universe of Attack on Titan will keep fans satisfied as they eagerly await the season 3 premiere of the anime coming later this month.