Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

The official Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal has been announced, with Rockstar stating that a brand new trailer finally showing gameplay from its open-world western will surface tomorrow. This will be the first time that direct gameplay from RDR 2 will be shown ahead of its release later this year.

We’ve seen in-game footage taken from Red Dead Redemption 2 before, though Rockstar has yet to release an official gameplay trailer. Now it has been revealed that a gameplay video will be broadcast on Thursday August 9th, 2018 at 11 am ET, with it being uploaded to the Rockstar YouTube account. Considering that the game is set to make its way to store shelves on October 26th, players are chomping at the bit to see what Rockstar has to offer before its launch in a few months.

The banner for the announcement can be viewed below:

red dead redemption 2 gameplay trailer

Rockstar is remaining characteristically secretive about what we can expect from RDR 2. We know that it will take place before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption (and yes, before you tell us in the comments, we know that it’s technically the second game in the RDR series), and that it will follow new protagonist Arthur Morgan. RDR anti-hero John Marston will appear in the game, though he’ll be younger and slightly more fresh-faced than he appeared in the 2010 hit.

It’s hoped that this gameplay reveal will finally offer us a look at the game’s online offering, which has thus far been kept tightly under wraps. With GTA Online having proven to be a megahit with GTA 5 players, Red Dead Online will likely offer a similarly popular distraction from the game’s single-player story. There’s no word yet on what angle Rockstar plans to take with it, though we can imagine that it involves purchasing horses with real-world money, given how microtransaction-heavy GTA Online is.

Tune into GameRevolution to catch the trailer tomorrow at 11 am EST.