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Fortnite Android APK Has Been Leaked

We’ve been waiting for a little while now for the Fortnite Android release, the final step before Fortnite is on all major platforms. Today, it was revealed that hackers have uncovered and leaked the Fortnite Android APK, and it’s fully functioning, even allowing you to play with a keyboard and mouse if you hook them up to your phone.

Fortnite has been available in mobile form for a little while now in the form of the Fortnite iPhone version, with even cross-platform play between it and the other versions of the game on PC and console. The game has been sweeping across the globe and is now playable on basically anything (excluding a toaster, Doom still has a monopoly on that one) but there’s a final platform frontier, and it’s Fortnite Android. We’ve known it’s coming for a while, but an official date hasn’t been revealed. We don’t need to wait for that anymore, though, because hackers have done what hackers do best, and leaked the Fortnite Android APK.

The leak entered the public sphere after Twitter account @FNAndroidLeaks shared a link to a MediaFire download link, thanking Spanish Fortnite news account @FortniteGameLAT for the mirror. According to reports (H/T The Nerd Mag), it’s fully-functioning, and even has the cross-platform functionality that is shared by the Fortnite iPhone version – it’s yet to be confirmed whether this is currently functioning or not – and if you have a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you can use them to play Fortnite Android as well.

We’d advise not to download anything unofficial, however. At the end of the day, despite reports of everything working fine, we cannot confirm that this APK contains any malicious software, and there’s a lot of legal ambiguity owning software like this prior to an official release. If you do wish to download the Fortnite Android APK, do so at your own risk.

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