Child of Light Switch Port Confirmed With Physical Release: Child of Light 2 Teased

Fans of RPGs are in for a treat on Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft’s fantastic, whimsical watercolor RPG Child of Light has been officially announced for Switch! The game is currently available on just about everything and is well worth a look, if not for its gorgeous art alone. Not only that, but there’s a potential Child of Light 2 tease tucked away in there, too.

For the unaware, Child of Light told the whimsical story of a princess, lost from the real world fighting to return and save her world from a terrible flood. It’s a gorgeous game, built around a vibrant, hand-drawn world. You’ll walk, fly and battle your way through the world, with a cast of characters including jesters, mice and dwarves. The announcement was made by Patrick Plourde (Creative director and VP at Ubisoft Montreal) on Twitter. Take a look at the tweet below:

Child of Light already looks the business on Switch. We can’t wait to play through it all over again. But what’s that? Hidden right behind the top-right corner of the Switch in the photo we can see this written down: “Light II.” We can only assume this is a low-key tease of Child of Light 2. Color us excited. A sequel that’s bigger, a little bolder and in 4K on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro would be something special.

While we have no key details on Child of Light 2, we do have the Child of Light Switch version to look forward to. Not only will it be coming to the eShop, but a physical version is on the way, too. Child of Light will hit the Switch on October 11. In further news, Valiant Hearts The Great War was also confirmed for Switch. The hand-drawn World War I adventure title will hit Nintendo’s hybrid console on November 8. Trust us when we say Child of Light Switch will be well worth the wait.