Rage 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer Introduces Explosive Convoy Missions

QuakeCon 2018 is happening right now, and between the news that Quake Champions has gone free-to-play, and the fantastic Doom Eternal gameplay reveal, was an extended Rage 2 trailer. Like id Software’s other games, this large gameplay slice is heavy on the open-world action, with the highlight being the intense vehicle convoy chase sequence.

While Bethesda’s conference at E3 2018 had the first showing of Rage 2 gameplay, this new “Eden Assault” trailer adds extra detail and gives a better look at the world. This world includes “deserts, wetlands, jungles, and more.” Some of which are friendly, like your starting outpost in Vineland, which your character Walker is forced to flee from following an attack by The Authority, the tech-savvy antagonists from the first game.

Speaking of the first game, Dr. Antonin Kvasir, the helpful but nutty Resistance scientist, has made his glorious return. In the trailer, He sent Walker off on his mission to the Eden center to bring down the satellite (which was shown during E3). In this new video, we get to see the build-up to that mission. This includes Dr. Kvasir’s instructions and an introduction to the colorful Goon Squad bandits who have captured the space center. Other factions detailed include the immortal Shrouded and the disgusting Abaddon mutants.

The central part of the trailer was taking down the convoy, with all of its vehicle explosions and lightning barrier traps. This concluded with a heavily armed truck “boss,” which gets blown up spectacularly. The convoy chase was reminiscent of Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max that came out in 2015, which featured violent vehicle chases in similar desert-like areas. This makes sense, given that Avalanche is helping id Software develop Rage 2.

We still have some concerns about Rage 2, but more videos like this between now and its spring 2019 release date could go a long way towards assuaging our fears. And more explosions are always nice.