We Happy Few Developer Reveals Why They Joined Microsoft

As announced at their E3 conference, Microsoft bought developer Compulsion Games, the studio behind the recently released We Happy Few. It was rather a surprise announcement, especially as Compulsion’s first game, Contrastwas a launch title for Sony’s PS4. In a new interview, We Happy Few producer Sam Abbott explained how and why they joined Microsoft, and what he thinks the console maker was looking for with their big game studio purchases.

Abbott revealed this information in an interview done by YouTube channel Pretty Good Gaming. It’s actually the second part of the interview with Compulsion about We Happy Few — you can view the first part here. Abbott talked about how the studio was starting to get a good relationship with Microsoft after a few E3 and Gamescom viewings, and said out of the blue they asked if they wanted to become a Microsoft studio.

“It’s not something you expect a studio of our size to be asked!” he added.

At Microsoft’s E3 show, Compulsion was one of five developers that the publisher announced as having purchased. Ninja Theory, The Initiative, Undead Labs, and Playground Games were the other four. Abbott said he believed the reason for those studio purchases, including Compulsion, is that Microsoft “basically are interested in groups of people who create interesting new worlds.”

He said the “security and safety” side of the deal with Microsoft was important, but also now they won’t have as many restrictions on their vision. Abbott went on to say how it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and explained the difficulty of being an independent developer.

“There’s so much uncertainty relating to finance and relating to the support that you will get,” he said. “You’re always worried about how how the game is going to do, or how are you’re going to put bread on the table for your team, it’s a very it’s a serious thing. We’ve had enough of worrying about where our next pizza’s coming from. I’m excited about worrying about making something really great.”

The full interview is below. While we weren’t too fond of We Happy Few, hopefully with Microsoft’s full support, Compulsion’s next game will live up to its promise.