Battlerite Royale Gameplay Trailer Reveals a MOBA and Battle Royale Crossover

The debut Battlerite Royale gameplay trailer has been released, offering our first proper look at the upcoming MOBA and battle royale crossover. Developer Stunlock Studios is set to add the mode to the free-to-play game later this year, with a closed beta taking place in September. However, until now we haven’t been shown what the game looks like in action, with the end result appearing to be a middle-ground between the likes of Fortnite and League of Legends.

Battlerite has enjoyed a strong following on PC since being released last year, though Stunlock has opted to capitalize on the battle royale trend by offering its own version of the popular game mode. The end result is Battlerite Royale, which sees players duking it out on a tropical map 30 times larger than a standard Battlerite arena map. Fighting over items and consumables, players must take down rivals to steal their loot and be the last one standing on the island. It will be released as a standalone game, rather than added to Battlerite as a separate mode.

Unlike many battle royale games, Battlerite Royale will feature several Champions for players to choose from, each boasting their own unique moveset. According to Stunlock, the base game’s “combat and input system remain unchanged, though all Champions have been optimized for Battlerite Royale.”

This makes it a little more like Realm Royale than Fortnite, which has a similar class-based system with different abilities for each combatant. Battlerite Royale also adopts a top-down view, which helps to set it apart from the third- and first-person battle royale games currently filling the market. While diehard fans of the MOBA genre are unlikely to be convinced to step into the battle royale waters anytime soon, Battlerite Royale does at least seem to provide an interesting deviation from the formula. Fortnite is unstoppable right now, though healthy competition is always a good thing in any industry.

Battlerite Royale will launch in Early Access in September. Watch the trailer below: