Doja Cat Uses GameCube Startup Sound for ‘NINTENDHOE’

Doja Cat recently went viral thanks to ‘Mooo!,’ a song which sees her informing her listeners: “B*tch I’m a cow, I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow.” If you were touched by her breakout hit, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the South African rapper is appealing to the internet’s base desires once again, releasing a track titled ‘NINTENDHOE’ that uses the GameCube startup sound for its beat.

The familiar GameCube jingle played every time you loaded up a game on the Nintendo console, resonating with gamers in a similar fashion to the original PlayStation startup sound. Doja Cat uses it as a backing beat throughout ‘NINTENDHOE,’ which sees her rapping about playing Animal Crossing, along with sharing some choice words regarding Fortnite.

Super Smash Bros, You so ass though,” Doja Cat raps, adding: “Probably pick Kirby, so you don’t get smashed on!” In another verse, Doja Cat adds “be on my Halo tings,” before imploring listeners to “look at my Sonic rings.”

It might not have the viral appeal of ‘Mooo!’ but if you’ve ever found yourself thinking: “Man, this GameCube startup sound is great, but it’d really be improved by a woman rapping about Donkey Kong engaging in foreplay over the top of it,” then ‘NINTENDHOE’ should be right up your street.

Listen to the track below:

Unsurprisingly, Doja Cat isn’t the first individual on the internet to remix the GameCube startup sound. Over the past few weeks in particular, an influx of GameCube memes have hit Twitter timelines, including this gem:

Also this:

Doja Cat released her first full-length album, Amala, in March of this year. Though born in South Africa, the rapper/singer currently resides in Los Angeles.