Overwatch Coaching AI Just Became a Reality

Struggling to rank up in Overwatch recently? Can’t get any constructive practice done with your mates? Maybe it’s time to look a little closer at what artificial intelligence has to offer. Namely, a product called Visor. Visor is an Overwatch coaching AI that aims to give you real-time tips and feedback based on how you play the game.

Visor is the product of a San-Francisco based outfit which wants to help players step up their game. According to Visor’s website, the client can display prompts while you’re in the middle of a match. You’ll get a pop-up showing what your damage has been, and even messages about playing more aggressively.

It looks like this Overwatch coaching AI has plenty of tricks up its sleeves. It can supposedly track details down to text chat and the cooldowns of various skills to make a judgment call about how well you’re performing on your chosen champion. The more Visor is used by a player, the more data it has access to — this leads to more accurate advice over a period of time about not only the player, but also their opponents.

However, does this give players an unfair advantage? One player on a team with Visor might not be enough to turn the tide, but some may feel as if a team running it will be more clued in than opponents. The list of things that Visor can do is pretty impressive, and when you factor in the possibility of it providing information about enemy players, it feels a little OP.

That being said, Blizzard has allowed Visor to stay up even despite the features that it provides having the potential to skew matchmaking if users are enterprising. We’ll have to watch this space to see how Visor develops, and if AI really is the future of technology.