Nintendo Switch Comic App Launches November 2018

The Nintendo Switch looks poised to get a comic reader app in November 2018. From what we know, the service is called InkyPen, and it will be a subscription-based affair that gives users access to all sorts of comics worldwide. InkyPen is based in Norway, and it will launch in English initially and be home to thousands of comics from a variety of different publishers and genres. Specific titles haven’t been confirmed yet in writing, but the launch trailer for the service below shows quite a few different options available that range from Judge Dredd to Archer & Armstrong.

While fans may have been looking forward to a decidedly more Netflix-flavored addition to the Switch, it’s nice to see the console diversify in this direction. With a large touchscreen that’s perfect for handling the likes of Diablo III with crisp, high-quality textures, it’s no wonder that comic books are the next to be considered on the list of things that the Switch can pull off with aplomb. There are a ton of comic reader applications already available to mobile phones, but InkyPen has been the only one announced for Nintendo’s flagship console at this stage, and if this is an exclusive deal for them then it could be huge. It also looks like a “one subscription fits all” deal; the company’s website states that an InkyPen subscription will be valid on all other platforms that the app launches on in the future.

The InkyPen team is currently at Gamescom according to their Twitter feed (@InkyPenComics) and its bio notes that the service will contain everything from American comics to manga and European comics. Here’s hoping that we’ll get some fan favorites making their way to this service. Reading Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on the Switch would be one hell of a portable experience.