Monument Valley Movie Puts More Games on the Big Screen

Monument Valley released to critical acclaim in 2014. Winning a raft of awards for its impressionist storytelling and mysterious puzzles, a sequel came a few years later that was just as good and raked in a record $10.4 million in revenue. Fans of the series can now rejoice; it’s been announced that a Monument Valley movie is now in the works, which marks yet another anticipated addition of a beloved game to the halls of the silver screen.

CNet reported that Paramount Pictures was in the process of getting this movie adaptation of the game off the ground. From what we know so far, the movie is going to be a blend of both live-action and greenscreen magic, which leaves casting and the general premise of the movie rather open to speculation.

For those who are skeptical about the project being helmed by Paramount, you may be pleased to note that Patrick Osborne will be the man in the director’s chair here. Some may already know Osborne from his work on Wreck-It Ralph, and for his Academy Award nominations which have garnered him a fair amount of fanfare. There’s no word yet as to who is going to be cast as Ida, or whether the movie will be more of an interpretation of the game rather than a faithful retelling of its mechanics. However, it’s still exciting to see what filmmakers make of the relatively impressionist material at the heart of Monument Valley.

While we’re currently in a dearth of announcements about live-action game movies such as the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, this is one directorial debut that looks like it’s going to be less on the slapstick side. We’re definitely excited to hear more about the Monument Valley movie once it moves into casting and production; this will be one to watch out for!