Dark Souls 3 Enemies Mod Allows You To Play As The Enemies

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best entries in the series, and now, through the wonders of modding, it’s possible to play as many of the enemies. The Dark Souls 3 enemies mod, also known as the Dark Souls Forces of Annihilation mod project, is available now, and while it is a little buggy, it allows players to explore Lothric as enemies and even bosses.

The Dark Souls 3 enemies mod was made by the Datahacks team, who have a range of tutorials on how to get Forces of Annihilation working with the PC version of the game. Once you do, however, you can play as literally any enemy in the game, including the towering Yhorm The Giant. Seeing Yhorm plod slowly around the map is quite a sight. His footsteps even shake the camera like the most famous scene from Jurassic Park.

Alternatively if you want an even more game-breaking alternative, the team also showed off Darkeater Midir, the incredibly large dragon who towers above the camera and doesn’t actually fit in most of the game’s locations. Enemies will still attack, and the usual boss health bar at the bottom of the screen becomes the player’s health bar. Of course, playing as Yhorm or Darkeater Midir means most enemies won’t stand much of a chance.

The Datahacks YouTube channel has several epic encounters recorded, including the Soul of Cinder versus the King of the Storm. The team previously released a similar one for the first Dark Souls on PC, called Age of Fire (they do love their fancy names, don’t they?). Sadly, it’s only available with the Prepare To Die edition of the game rather than the more recent Dark Souls Remastered. It definitely won’t be coming to the recently announced Dark Souls Trilogy re-release of all three games, as that’s console-only for now.

A download link for the Dark Souls 3 Forces of Annihilation mod is available in the description for the video below, which you can try once you’ve finished enjoying watching Yhorm slaughter some ants.