Onimusha Warlords HD Port Announced

Capcom has announced another new HD port today. However, despite what you might think, it is surprisingly not of Resident Evil game this time. Following on from the success of its HD re-release of Okami, Capcom has announced that the PS2 classic Onimusha Warlords is due to release in 2019. It is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam on January 15, 2019 for $19.99.

Onimusha Warlords originally launched on PS2 way back in 2001. The game tasked you with saving a princess from vicious demons in Inabayama Castle. With quality combat gameplay, a dark tale, and memorable characters, the dark Samurai epic quickly became a cult classic. Not content with simply porting the game onto new consoles, Capcom has added in a load of new upgrades, as the publisher disclosed on the Capcom Unity Blog.

The game has been given a spiffy high-definition sheen. Everything in Onimusha Warlords has been given an HD overhaul, making it look better than ever. Capcom could have easily left it at that, but the port also allows us to play the game in either its original 4:3 display or in widescreen. This can be changed at any time. To go along with the new widescreen options, Capcom has given the camera an upgrade and given players the ability to play with analog sticks.

Other additions to the game include a new soundtrack and voice overs, and an easy mode, making this more than a simple upres. It is an old game so the price will be set at a budget entry point on all consoles. In the United States, players will be able to buy the game physically and digitally on PS4 and Xbox One, but only digitally on the Nintendo Switch. Europeans, however, will only be able to buy Onimusha Warlords digitally on their system of choice.