Yakuza Director’s Next Game to be Something Completely Different

Following on from the recent success of the Yakuza series, it has been announced, via a live-stream, that Toshihiro Nagoshi (the acclaimed Yakuza director) is working on something “completely different”. Not Yakuza 7,  or even a new Yakuza game by the sounds of it. After Yakuza 0Kiwami 1 2, and Yakuza 6, it sounds as though the series is due a little rest. Hopefully, Nagoshi’s new game will be just as memorable.

The news was broken in the latest Sega Nama live stream. These are essentially Sega’s equivalent to Nintendo’s Directs. Nagoshi enters into the video at around 1:59:55 and talks about what he’s up to these days. Thanks go to Siliconera for the translation. In his section of the stream, Nagoshi speaks of the recently-announced Yakuza Online and teases another new project he’s working on. What’s more, it sounds as though we’ll hear more about it very soon.

When asked whether or not things will quiet down for him following the announcement of Yakuza Online, Nagoshi explained that it isn’t very likely. “The next broadcast of Sega Nama after Tokyo Game Show will be a big one. I believe we’ll broadcast a topic that nobody is expecting”. He adds that he “can only hint that it’ll be something completely different”. Exactly what it is, or whether or not it has to do with Yakuza is something we’ll find out soon. By the end of September, to be exact.

The Yakuza director “new title announcement” will “make people flip”. It has been in development for “about three years, and [Sega] can finally make an announcement to bring it out to the world”. When asked when we’ll see the announcement, Nagoshi explains that “it’ll be somewhere between today and the next Sega Nama Broadcast”.

According to Siliconera, the next Sega Nama will air by the end of September. Either before or after the Tokyo Game Show. Perhaps we’ll see Nagoshi’s new, “completely different” game during Tokyo Game Show, which will take place between September 19-23.