Switch Version 6.0.0 Update Leaked

The next big update for the Nintendo Switch firmware has been leaked ahead of release. While it doesn’t look like it’s adding anything particularly revolutionary, some of the information is rather interesting. What’s new in the Switch 6.0.0 update? Alongside your normal stability updates and anti-hacking measures, there may just be a hint towards being able to use Famicom, NES, and SNES controllers on our Switches.

Yes, data miners have found out that Nintendo has already uploaded the Switch 6.0.0 update before it goes live. This is, according to a thread on Reddit. In this thread, multiple people are going through the data mined material and have found some interesting things regarding the new firmware update for Switch. Some of the new update covers the new Nintendo Switch Online service.

For the unaware, the Nintendo Switch Online service is due to launch by the end of September. With the paid service, we’ll get save back-ups to the cloud and free classic games with added online multiplayer. The Switch 6.0.0 update looks to be adding in support for save data back-up and introducing a new slogan. “More Games. More Features. More Fun.” Huh. Sounds fun.

Alongside the timely update for the Switch Online service, it looks as though we’re getting a few new icons. Apparently, there will be two Captain Toad icons, two Toadette, one Wingo and one Draggadon. Now you can rep your favorite treasure tracking funghi and his friends/enemies. The single biggest news to come out of the leak, however, has something to do with Famicom, NES, and SNES controllers.

According to the leak, data miners have found new controller icons within the system. These are none other than Famicom, NES and SNES controllers, folks. A tweet featuring the new controller icons can be seen below:

Despite the potential leak, however, you may notice that there is no Gamecube controller there. This is odd considering Nintendo is releasing official Gamecube controller for the Switch later this year. Oh well, hopefully, we’ll have an official release date for the Switch 6.0.0 update soon.