Mega Man 11 Impact Man

New Mega Man 11 Robot Master Revealed, Impact Man Joins the Fight

With the release of Mega Man 11 rapidly approaching, a new robot master has been revealed for the game. Impact Man will be joining the rogue’s gallery of Mega Man’s foes when the game releases October 2 of this year. This entry into the franchise celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Blue Bomber and is the first mainline entry since Mega Man 10 which came out in 2010.

Impact Man has a construction theme reminiscent of Guts Man from the original Mega Man. In the trailer released by Capcom, we can see that he is based on a jackhammer and will leave various spikes in the ground during his boss battle for players to contend with. Once defeating him, Mega Man will gain an ability called “Pile Driver” which allows him to dash across the screen to attack enemies with a spike. His associated stage is similarly construction themed, which should conjure up memories of Guts Man’s stage from the first game.

Joining Impact Man will be the previously revealed Torch Man and Blast Man. Blast Man, as his name suggests, utilizes bombs in his attacks and his stage is interestingly based around an amusement park. By defeating him, Mega Man will gain an ability called “Chain Blast,” which will allow players to launch floating bombs into the air.

Torch Man, on the other hand, is based around control and projection of fire. He looks rather like Fire Man from the original game. The special weapon he grants the Blue Bomber is called the “Blazing Torch”. It allows the player to shoot a fireball in the sky, which then rains down on enemies diagonally after a certain height. This robot master’s level will be themed around a forest that presumably Torch Man has set on fire.

Megaman 11 will be released on October 2 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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