Sony Japan to End PS2 Repair Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan is going to end its repair service for the PS2. This comes after the Japanese company ended the production of its extremely popular console five years ago in response to the new generation of consoles taking over the market. The PS2 was originally released in 2000 and went on to become the best-selling console in the industry’s history.

Despite ending the production of the console, Sony Japan has been continuously supporting the PS2 many years after its launch. However, the Japanese company has announced that it will be ending its aftercare and repair services of the console in Japan come August 31. The company had sent out an online survey to owners of the hardware to ensure that owners could get it repaired one last time before the end of August. Any PS2 consoles that arrive at the service center in Iwata, Japan after September 7 will not be repaired and presumably sent back.

Any owners of the sixth generation console who have not registered it with Sony Japan must do so before the deadline of August 31, 2018. This is because of the customer service for the PS2 also ending on the same day. This again comes after the console’s production and shipments ending six years ago in Japan. According to Sony’s website for the US region, they will still be able to make repairs as long as warranties are still valid, but the period for the repairs is one year from the original purchase.

For those concerned about their own PS2s longevity, they can still play the games from the console on the 60GB and 30GB editions of the PS3. Additionally, there are remastered versions of specific games, such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, available on the PS4 via the PlayStation Store.

The PS2 originally launched March 4, 200 and went on to sell over 155 million units in its lifetime.