Dragon Quest 11 Creator Yuji Horii Explains Why Franchise Will Always Feature Traditional JRPG Elements

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age has arrived for the PS4 and PC as was met with high fan and critical acclaim. What differentiates Dragon Quest 11 from other JRPGs like Persona 5 and Ni No Kuni 2 is that it strives to maintain traditional and classic elements that the genre is known and beloved for. In a video interview, Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii answered several interesting questions from fans regarding the franchise like if the series will ever have a voiced protagonist, change its turn-based gameplay, and more.

One question had a fan asking whether future Dragon Quest games will ever feature a speaking protagonist, which would be a change from the franchise’s usual use of silent protagonists. Horii replied by saying that the franchise has always been “developed around the notion that the main character represents the player.” He explained that if the protagonists could speak, that wouldn’t be the case. Horii also confirmed that future games in the series will still likely feature silent protagonists.

Another fan asked about preserving the Dragon Quest franchise’s traditional turn-based gameplay and how it plans to reach new generations of gamers. Horii explained that the reason why the developers maintain turn-based gameplay is that they want everyone to “be able to play the game and experience it to the very end.” He continued by saying that turn-based combat “allows anyone the opportunity to get creative and strategize, making the battles enjoyable.”

A fun piece of trivia was also revealed in the interview. Horii said that his favorite hero in terms of design is Veronica from Dragon Quest 11. The reason for this is because “she looks like a small child, but she’s actually quite a mature lady.” He also described her as “strong-willed,” “kind-hearted,” and caring deeply for her sister, as well as having a “sharp tongue.” Check out the special interview video with Yuji Horii below for more answers to other questions sent by fans of the series.