EGX 2018: Black Desert Online Drieghan Expansion Playable for First Time

Black Desert Online, the fantasy MMORPG from Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss, will debut its newest expansion Drieghan at EGX 2018. Drieghan will have a new mountainous area, over 300 new quests, a few extra modes, and a dragon boss called Garmoth. It will be free for all players but no release date was given for places outside of South Korea (Drieghan released in March in South Korea).

According to the official EGX website, Drieghan will be free thanks to a partnership between publisher Kakao Games and the Electronic Sports League. EGX attendees can get a sneak peak of what’s in store before then for the new expansion. Attendees will be able to get a hands-on preview of Drieghan and will be handed a free game code for the root game during their demo, which is equivalent to £7.99 or $10.30.

Visitors to EGX will also have the chance to win an exclusive goodie bag of memorabilia from the game. There are three different ways that attendees can walk away with this prize. Players can defeat Garmoth in the Drieghan show floor demo, successfully play a PvP match at a Black Desert Online tournament, or take a selfie with Black Desert Online cosplayers and upload it with the hashtag #BDORemastered. Any one of these methods will be enough to get the aforementioned goodie bag.

Kakao Games plans to livestream footage from all of its BSO booths on its Twitch channel throughout the four-day event. Live feeds will include tournaments, chats with cosplayers, and a Q&A session with BSO‘s development team to get even more details on Drieghan. Kakao Games aims to provide a confirmed list of details on BSO‘s official website before EGX kicks off on September 20 and ends on September 23 in Birmingham, London. Black Desert Online initially released in 2014 and is currently playable on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.