Black Desert’s Garmoth is a deadly new challenge for guilds

The Black Desert Garmoth boss battle has arrived for consoles in a brand-new update to the popular MMO. If you’re in a Black Desert guild and you’re looking for something to do, you’ve just had a massive new challenge dropped in your lap.

Garmoth is one of the few surviving dragons in the world and he’s a little irate, to say the least. Guilds will be able to summon him once per week according to the patch notes, but you’ll have to complete the Garmoth mission and acquire five Scroll pieces to summon him. Battling Garmoth will be a challenge, too: a news post recommends that you have at least 50 people ready to fight this fixed-difficulty boss encounter.

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While the Black Desert Garmoth boss battle is sure to be a challenge, it’s well worth taking him on. Sure, you’ll have the usual fun of taking on a challenging encounter with your guildmates, but we all know that big boss battles are all about the loot.

What are the Garmoth rewards in Black Desert?

  • Garmoth’s Horn
  • Garmoth’s Heart
  • Garmoth Scale
  • Akum Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes
  • Combined Magic Crystal – Macalod, Gervish, or Hoom
  • Magical Black Stone- Stabilized, Cleansed, Pure
  • Gold Bar 10G
  • Black Stone (Weapon)
  • Black Stone (Armor)
  • Black Energy Residue
  • Kagtum Submission Ring
  • Cron Stones
  • Hunter’s Seal
  • Silver

If this seems like the kind of fun your guild would love to encounter, you can find out more about the Black Desert Garmoth boss battle on your Guild Boss tab.