Megan Fox: Black Desert Online ‘can really be beneficial for young girls’

Image source: Black Desert YouTube

Pearl Abyss is yet to reveal the fate of Megan Fox from the recent Black Desert Online live-action teaser trailer. Did she manage to become her true self? And what does it have to do with Black Desert Online?

At least one of those questions is answered in the new behind-the-scenes interview with Megan Fox. The Hollywood actress perhaps best known for her role in the Transformers movie says that games such as Black Desert Online, released on Xbox One and PS4 as Black Desert, “can really be beneficial for young girls.” Megan Fox has previously expressed that she is a fan of Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG.

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The interview is entirely about what it means to become your true self. Megan Fox has a very interesting take on this subject, saying the game can help young kids and teenagers discover their own innate virtues. She said: “You get to discover the qualities about yourself that you want to enhance, that you really appreciate. Maybe at the moment it’s something that’s only on the screen, but you can realize that it’s something that you can bring to life for real.”

Megan Fox doesn’t make it entirely clear if she means using the Sorceress’ expertise of dark magic, or the Valkyrie’s extraordinary mastery of the sword in real life, but it’s probably more on a metaphysical level. It would be strange and deeply dangerous otherwise.

She adds that it is “almost like a therapeutic” and that “for young girls especially right now there’s such toxicity on social media, within their own schools, and just in their lives.” Black Desert Online is an “opportunity to escape” and to be part of a world where they feel powerful. It’s a way “to find the support that they sometimes need as they’re growing up and trying to discover who they are.” It’s a strong and truthful message about Black Desert Online, and about games in general.

Black Desert released on PlayStation 4 on August 22, 2019. The full live-action trailer where Megan Fox will hopefully find her powerful true self will drop on September 5.