Control PC Version to Make up for Quantum Break’s Troubled Launch

Control is the latest game from Remedy, the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, but their last game Quantum Break didn’t have a very good launch on PC. The team says that it plans to make up for that poor launch by making the Control PC version as good as it can be.

Quantum Break had a particularly troublesome launch on PC. Aside from having some of the most unnecessarily high system requirements of any game at the time, it also suffered from an unstable frame rate, crashes on Nvidia cards, and was exclusive to the Windows Store. Communications director Thomas Puha, speaking with PC Games Insider, said that Remedy wants to make amends for the “difficult” launch of Quantum Break on PC.

“We’re in a pretty good place,” Puha said. “We’re definitely making sure that the PC version is well catered for. On Quantum Break, our reputation did take a bit of a hit and we want to make sure that when Control comes out in 2019, the PC version will be as good as it can be.”

He calls the launch of Quantum Break “challenging” due to the new Windows 10, which the game was exclusive to on PC. Puha compares it to a brand new platform, and says that Remedy were “understaffed” and unable to face this particular challenge and said that it “wasn’t ideal.”

Aside from being better optimized, the Control PC version will even include exclusive graphics features such as RTX (raytracing) support, at least for cards that can handle it. Control was a big surprise reveal during Sony’s E3 press conference but it reflects well on Remedy since the studio is making sure that it will be the best it can be on all platforms when the game launches in 2019 .