Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PS4 Gameplay Trailer Revealed in TGS Pre-show

FromSoftware’s highly-anticipated Soulsborne title set in Japan has just had a trailer released as part of the Tokyo Game Show pre-show hype. The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gameplay trailer shows off the title’s incredibly beautiful environments and the formidable foes that you can expect to face.

From what we’ve already seen of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it’s going to be highly reminiscent of the close-quarters, reaction-focused gameplay that made Dark Souls so tense and so critically acclaimed. Everything from the towering, lethal enemies to the grim environments that are equal parts bloody and devastatingly beautiful harks back to the Soulsborne titles that FromSoftware is so famous for.

The trailer shows off some cool gameplay mechanics and shows who appears to be your main character picking up a supernaturally-charged sword before launching into a fearsome battle. The trailer shows off parrying, deadly combos, death strikes against multiple enemies, and the displacement effects that are part and parcel of the weighty heavy weapons combat of previous titles from the developer.

There’s also impressive footage illustrating the verticality of the game space. The protagonist is pictured running up a flight of seemingly neverending stairs in the show, and also being waved around in the grip of a gigantic yeti-like creature well above ground before being slammed into the dirt.

The trailer paints a picture of incredible carnage, but whether it ends up being wrought by the player characters or by the monstrosities plaguing the land remains to be seen. From a colorful cast of other katana-wielding warriors to monks on what appears to be a holy pilgrimage, the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 gameplay trailer is a lot to take in. We definitely recommend re-watching this one at least one to fully appreciate how much has been packed into it.

Watch the new trailer below: